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Adenovirus Amplification, adenovirus purification, Recombinant lentiviral vector construction
  NitAn Biotech is committed to supporting the academic, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries with custom services in molecular biology, recombinant protein expression / purification, construction / amplification of viral gene delivery system and drug development analysis in vitro. Our scientists are well equipped to assist clients in both targeting vector design and knock-out or over-expression animal generation. For recombinant protein services we offer gene modifications, protein expression (in bacterial or mammalian cells), purification and characterization. Our cell biologists are experienced in generating stable cell lines which expresses the gene longer. We have a variety of viral vector systems (adeno, lenti, adeno associated), extensive experience in viral construction, amplification and purification for your in vitro or in vivo animal model gene delivery needs. We specialize in handling a wide variety of cells which helps in solving difficult problems of the pharmaceutical industries in their drug development programs.  
genomic cDNA library, adenovirus amplification, adenovirus purification Amplification of the gene of interest from genomic/cDNA library and Clone the amplified fragment or synthetic DNA into vector of choice
overexpression animals, Transgenic Animal Generation, adenovirus amplification, adenovirus purification Design, prepare targeting vector and generate knock-out or over-expression animals
adeno-associated virus, Adenovirus amplification, lentivirus purification Adenovirus, lentivirus and adeno-associated virus construction, generation, amplification and purification
Expression and purification of recombinant protein, molecular biology lab, adenovirus amplification, adenovirus purification Expression and purification of recombinant protein (bacterial and mammalian)
invitro drug development, molecular biology lab, adenovirus amplification, adenovirus purification Analysis of compounds for drug development (in vitro)
Glutathionylated Protein Specific Antibody, Antibody for glutathionylated proteins,Protein research, adenovirus amplification, adenovirus purification Glutathionylated Protein Antibodies. Reacts specifically with Glutathionylated protein.
glutathionylated protein antibodies


genomic cDNA library
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