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Gene expression analysis
Gene expression analysis

Drug Development

Drug DevelopmentServices for drug development

NAB’s technical staff possess in depth training in handling a wide variety of cell lines. Our scientists are skilled at designing experiments for drug development testing.

The primary cells lines, we can procure and handle are

  • Airway epithelial systems (small airway/bronchial epithelial cells)
  • Bladder cell systems (bladder smooth cells/microvascular endothelial cells)
  • Endothelial cell systems (aortic, coronary/illiac/pulmonary/umblical artery, lung/uterine microvascular)
  • Epidermal keratinocyte cell system (adult/neonatal epidermal)
  • Skeletal cell systems (osteoblasts/articular chondrocytes)
  • Fibroblast cell system (aortic advential/neonatal dermal/lung)
  • Neural cell system (astrocytes)
  • Prostate cell systems (epithelial, stromal, smooth muscle)
  • Renal cell systems (cortical/proximal tubule/renal epithelial)
  • Mammary epithelial cell system

The standard assays we currently performing are

  • Drug DevelopmentToxicity analysis
  • Apoptosis
  • Cell cycle analysis
  • Cell proliferation
  • Growth factor/cytokine release assays
  • Chemokine release assays
  • Gene expression analysis (micro array)
  • Cell contraction assay for wound healing
  • Cell invasion assay for cancer cell migration
  • Angiogenesis assay
  • Endothelium Adhesion assay
  • Cell migration/invasion assay
  • Tumor sensitivity assay
  • Oxidative stress assay
In addition to this panel; we are delighted to perform assays as per our clients need. Also we do specialized, stand alone technical services like western blotting, testing ELISA kits, processing and imaging for microscopy (confocal, atomic force- and scanning electron). Please contact us to discuss designing the experiments and ordering or fax a quote request form to 1-614-573-7457.


Gene expression analysis
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