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DNA Constructs generation, Molecular Biology Services
DNA Constructs generation, Molecular Biology Services

Molecular Biology Services

Molecular Biology ServicesGenerating DNA constructs is laborious, time consuming and tedious work which requires extensive molecular biology expertise. Outsourcing such work to us will free your technical staff’s hands and will increase your productivity. NitAn’s molecular biology service platform offers PCR cloning, sub-cloning (in customer’s vector choice), mutagenesis, large scale plasmid preparation, construct development for adenovirus generation, protein expression and transgenic (knock-out or over-expression) mouse model generation.

Custom DNA Constructs

Your Part

Our Part

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(Please submit DNA along with hard copy of service request form)
From generating DNA constructs to delivering products (with QC results) for your protein expression, adenovirus and transgenic mouse generation.

Our Specialty:

  • Molecular Biology ServicesGenerating your gene of interest (PCR/synthetic gene)
  • Gene manipulation [mutagenesis (site directed/swapping), restriction site/tag insertion]
    Sub-cloning in your vectors choice
  • Designing and constructing vectors for protein expression, viral generation, transgenic (knock-out or over-expression) mouse generation
  • Low-endotoxin plasmid preparation and large scale plasmid production
  • Delivering primer details (electronic), sequencing and experimental data (electronic) related to the project
  • Endotoxin assay and restriction digestion can be done on the plasmids (customer provided or generated using our services) for an additional fee.

Transgenic Mouse Services

Transgenic Mouse Services

Molecular biologists of NAB will design and execute the strategies for targeting vector development. We retrieve the gene (by PCR) around the proposed modification site, compare with the data base, clone in the existing template having both the positive and negative selection marker gene. All the modifications will be confirmed by sequencing. After developing the targeting vector, we will arrange facilities for blastocyst injection and transgenic mouse production. NAB will design and execute the genotyping and hand over the founders to our customers. We will guide our clients through out their project completion.

Quotes and Orders:

Please contact us or fax 1-614-573-7457 for a quote and for orders. Please include the following information or complete and fax us a quote request form.

  • The sequence and the name of the gene
  • The name of the vector carrying the gene and any other relevant details
  • The target vector into which you would like the gene subcloned
  • The restriction sites to be used, eliminated, or introduced and their specific locations
  • A detailed description of any mutagenesis desired
  • A detailed description of any modification, such as the addition of a tag sequence
  • The quantity of the final constructs required
  • Any other special requirements




DNA Constructs generation, Molecular Biology Services
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